Perfect Tense, Waves & Gazes, Order of Sweetness

Guided tour
13. 7. 2024 @ 11.00
Voden ogled
Odrasli, Družine, Študenti, Seniorji
Klet, Galerije v nadstropju, Galerija Parter, Avla
Odpiralni čas

Tuesday to Sunday: 10.00–19.00


Adults: 8 €
Students, retirees, visitors with disabilities: 6 €
Family ticket: 18 €
Admission free: children 7 and under, ICOM, PRESS
The price of the guided tour is included in the ticket price.

Perfect Tense, Waves & Gazes, Order of Sweetness
Foto © Blaž Gutman/MGML; Adrian Paci: Waves & Gazes

Explore current exhibitions at Cukrarna Gallery: Perfect Tense by Šejla Kamerić, Waves & Gazes by Adrian Paci, and Order of Sweetness by Tobias Putrih with Ardalan SadeghiKivi.

Every Tuesday and Saturday at Cukrarna Gallery, we offer guided tours in English. These tours offer a unique opportunity to explore the current exhibitions showcased in our gallery. During the tour, we will delve into three unique artistic poetics across all levels of Cukrarna, interconnected through both historical and contemporary contexts.

The building's history inspired artist Tobias Putrih to reflect on the stories harboured by old houses. Combining architectural theory, design, and fine art, he created a new spatial installation in Cukrarna Gallery's lobby in collaboration with artist Ardalan SadeghiKivi.

We will then proceed to Perfect Tense, the most comprehensive exhibition of Šejla Kamerić’s work in Slovenia to date. In the Parter Gallery, the elevator, and the second floor, you will see her video works, spatial installations, and projections that explore the pervasive political effects of perpetual war by creating multiple mirror images reflecting its structural and temporal embeddedness in everyday life.

Finally, Waves & Gazes by Adrian Paci offers insight into the artist’s practice. On the first floor, in addition to his paintings, we will view works by Ivana Kobilca, Edi Hila, Ferdinand Paci, and Deborah Imogen Beer, which complement Paci's works. In the basement, we will conclude the tour with Paci's latest video work, The Bell Tolls Upon the Waves.

The guided tour will be conducted in English.