Bricks 1828–2020
You can become the owner of an original artwork by an internationally renowned, Slovenia-based contemporary artist. By transforming the bricks that have witnessed Cukrarna’s many beginnings and endings, these artists are paying tribute to the building’s extraordinary history.

These are uncertain times, but our vision is clear. With the help of artists and partners, we are steadily working towards opening the renovated Cukrarna.

In renovating the building we are also paying tribute to its past – a past that, thanks to its indelible association with some of the biggest names in Slovenian culture, can also inspire us to a better future.

The building, which already has such a long history of beginnings and endings, is now taking on a new identity rooted in strong connections between its immediate surroundings and the art projects it will house.

By forging alliances with artists and cultural institutions, we are creating a platform for the development of contemporary art and laying the foundations for a new social hub in Ljubljana.

Imbued with optimism, we are building the future.

Museum and Galleries of Ljubljana

Be part of our story.

The reconstruction of the Cukrarna building is being carried out as part of the Cukrarna Gallery Project, with funding from the City of Ljubljana, the European Regional Development Fund, and the Republic of Slovenia. It also comes under the framework of the Integrated Territorial Investments mechanism, designed to eliminate run-down areas and revitalise urban spaces.

By redeveloping the building and landscaping the surrounding area, the City of Ljubljana aims to enhance the urban environment and breathe life into the city centre as a whole. A further benefit is that the works will remove a physical barrier in Poljanski nasip that has long been an obstacle to good links between the city centre and the urban areas to the east. The project will also improve social use of the space. The redesigned site with its new facilities will be a dynamic space offering a wide range of programmes and numerous social opportunities, making it a safe and appealing place that will attract repeat visits, both from locals and tourists.
The Cukrarna renovation project started in October 2018 and will be completed in 2021.

City of Ljubljana
Office for Development Projects and Investments

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The investment is co-financed by the Republic of Slovenia and the European Union under the European Regional Development Fund.