The History of Cukrarna

Guided tour in English
22. 8. 2023 @ 17.00
Voden ogled
Odrasli, Študenti, Seniorji

Adults: 6 €

Students, retirees, visitors with disabilities: 4 €

Family ticket: 14 €

Admission free: children 7 and under, ICOM, PRESS

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The History of Cukrarna

Join us for a guided tour of the illustrious history of Cukrarna Gallery.

As a cherished part of our community's heritage, Cukrarna Gallery holds a significant place. You are kindly invited to embark on a journey through time with us. This guided tour will be an opportunity to explore the captivating story of Cukrarna's origins, milestones, and its evolution into the beloved establishment it is today.

During this enchanting journey, you will have the privilege to uncover the intriguing history behind one of the biggest buildings in Ljubljana, delve into the architectural marvels and design elements that reflect the various periods of Cukrarna's existence, relive the tales of renowned figures and events that have shaped Cukrarna's legacy over the years.

Engage in insightful discussions with our tour guides, who are well-versed in Cukrarna's historical significance. This guided tour will certainly be an enlightening experience, bringing together the community's shared memories and appreciation for Cukrarna's rich history.