LUV fest

Extended Vision

Guided tour with the curator
22. 5. 2024 @ 17:00
All repetitions
Guided tour
Adults, Students, Seniors
Upstairs Galleries
Extended Vision

Join us on a guided tour through the Extended Vision, featuring 48 works by 20 Slovenian artists,  with its curator, Alenka Trebušak. The tour will be in Slovenian.

The Extended Vision is thematically linked to the phenomenon of perception, with the works of twenty artists whose paintings, reliefs, photographs, videos, objects and installations exploit the gaps in perception to intensify the experience of seeing. They create illusions that deceive our eyes and ears by playing with colours and the elements of light and sound, their refractions and reflections. "Extended" thus also alludes to those works that have their own visual aspect, but primarily influence the viewer through sound. In some of the works, the artists decentralise the stimuli and disperse them around the space so that we have to circle around them. Others use the optical effects of contrasts between warm and cool colours or opaque and transparent materials. The third set of works shows that a single colour is enough to deceive the eye through adapted lighting in which the artists direct our gaze to the recesses and openings in their surfaces, drawing the impression of movement or undulation from the absorbent quality of black and the reflectivity of white, that retains the gaze on the surface and makes the surface a sensitive sensor for luminous nuances and subtle hues. The fourth grouping convinces us of the kinetic illusion that the image vibrates, condenses and deepens through the use of a series of lines positioned in parallel. Some of the artists use light-sensitive elements such as glass, plastic and mirrors to reflect and amalgamate the viewer into the piece. In other cases, light is freed from its normal function of illuminating and making visible what we are looking at, but becomes an object of perception itself and our questioning of reality.


Adults: 8
Students, retirees, visitors with disabilities: 6
Family ticket: 18
Admission free: children 7 and under, ICOM, PRESS

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