The Cukrarna lobby is a breathtaking open space, lit by natural light and overlooking two gallery volumes. The floating cube is clad in perforated sheet metal, which, in addition to its aesthetic character, also satisfies functional requirements, as sound insulation is hidden under it. The lobby can accommodate up to 400 standing guests, up to 220 guests at a sitting event or up to 150 guests at a banquet.

Conference room

Cukrarna also offers a modern conference room that allows for lectures, conferences, presentations, press conferences, and similar events to be held. It can accommodate up to 70 guests and holds all the latest technological equipment together with an adjacent kitchenette hidden behind removable walls. The conference room layout is adjustable according to the client's preferences. The glass wall on one side offers a view over the Cukrarna's main hall which also allows daylight to enter to the conference room.

Additional information

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