Matej Andraž Vogrinčič

22. 05. 2024—25. 05. 2024
Matej Andraž Vogrinčič
Photo © Didier Descouens; Acer pseudoplatanus

Curated by Blaž Peršin

Matej Andraž Vogrinčič has been active on the Slovenian and international art scene for more than thirty years. His spatial interventions often utilise similar objects that, through their accumulation or arrangement, serve to interpret stories associated with objects or spaces. They are usually large-scale installations that occupy the space and silently reveal an indistinguishable number of identical, stationary, one could say serene objects. The big or small objects, arranged in the space with their repetitive stoicism, create stories of unconscious presence.

In his latest work entitled Trip, Matej Andraž Vogrinčič moves away from the static presence of his objects. Vogrinčič has dedicated himself to collecting maple tree seeds. He has spent more than two years of work and time gathering them, especially in the vicinity of Cukrarna. The process of gathering the fallen seeds with their specific shape and thin, delicate structure represents the collecting of the "actors" for his performative gesture – a happening in which these seeds will appear.

Maple seeds have always stirred the spirits of enthusiasts of flight, air sailing and other hovering states. These small, unpowered, natural helicopters or air travellers sparked the interest of Leonardo da Vinci and other explorers in the human urge to fly. With their incredible aerodynamic shape, they became one of the first objects used to study how to take to the skies.

After days, weeks and months of collecting thousands and thousands of maple seeds, Vogrinčič decided to give them a chance to appear again, to soar again. An opportunity for us to try out and see their mighty Trip into the airspace. The poetic nature of this artwork is an opportunity to see where our own imaginative and contemplative abilities can reach, at a time when they are becoming increasingly rare.

The happening by Matej Andraž Vogrinčič entitled Trip is the second part of a trilogy that deals with the mental and physical space of Cukrarna and its surroundings. While On the Way to Cukrarna drew the path to a new art venue with the crushed brick tiles left over from the renovation of the building, the second project in the trilogy speaks to our willingness to extend our gaze and stimulates our ability to see the possibility for a new beginning, a new journey.

The completely analogue working principle that the artist applies in his works is the most subversive in our times, as it emphasises the moment of time and its intrinsic meaning. Without the extremely long period of time and great dedication to collecting the seeds, their short journey to conquer the sky again would not have been possible. This is a prerequisite for the creation of art. Trip is the first time Vogrinčič has tackled the question of how to set a huge mass of similar objects into motion. With Trip, we are no longer looking at a static installation.

At every moment, to every observer, Trip looks completely different and unique.



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