Uriel Barthélémi

Dreams Snatched Away
27. 10. 2022
Audio-visual Event
Adults, Students, Seniors
Basement space
Uriel Barthélémi

Dreams Snatched Away [Rêves accaparés] is a reflection on the different uses of sound as a political tool. Sound and music are very precise languages, as multinational companies and states have well understood and have used them in many ways. Various authorities have often resorted to their use; during the wars a lot of research was conducted into the use of new artifacts, and this has been going on for several millennia. 

How can music be hijacked? What sound weapons are used by our democracies? Uriel Barthélémi explores and questions, in a very free and personal way, this axis that gave rise to research and fantasies of all kinds... Combining percussion with electronics, traditional acoustic instruments with new acoustic ones, the setup consists of several stands that will be dispatched in the space, immersing the public into the heart of the device along with the performer, creating an acoustic spatialisation at the same time as electronics.

Uriel Barthélémi is a drummer, composer, and electro-acoustic musician. His language combines percussion, performance, sound and video programming, and composition. He infuses each of his projects with a polymorphic and multicultural dimension. His multifaceted identity is found in the musical works he generates: dense and unclassifiable. Following his studies at a french conservatory, he embarked upon electro-acoustic compositional work. This led him to collaborate in numerous areas of the performing arts from 2002 onwards: theatre, marionette theatre, dance as well as the visual arts. Combining drums and electronics, a flexible composing style and improvisation, he has had works commissioned by Lafayette Anticipations, FIAC, MaerzMusik, Sharjah Art Foundation, Intonal Festival, among others. He collaborates and appears with many artists, such as Kazuyuki Kishino (KK NULL), Hélène Breschand, Tarek Atoui, Nikhil Chopra, Hassan Khan, and Taro Shinoda. Selected as a SHAPE artist in 2018, he is a composer in long residence Césaré-cncm and will be artist in residence in 2023 at the Robert Rauschenberg Foundation.


8 €


Conception, sound and video programming, drawings: Uriel Barthélémi; Artistic advice: Laurie Bellanca and Franck Leibovici; New instruments conception: Vincent Martial; Video (animation): Élise Boual; Production: Passage Production; Commissioned by: Intonal Festival 2021 (Malmö, Sweden); Coproduction: I.A.C. / INKONST, La Péniche Pop; Supported by: Césaré – Centre National de Création Musicale, DRAC Île-de-France, Dicréam, Théâtre de Vanves