Špela Čadež

Screening of animated films & conversation with the artist
12. 4. 2022 @ 18:00
Conversation, Film & video
Adults, Students, Seniors

Admission free

Špela Čadež

Mate to Measure (2004), Lovesick (2007), Far East Film Festival Trailer (2009), Last Minute (2010), Boles (2013), Nighthawk (2016), Steakhouse (2021)

The work of Špela Čadež is the culmination of the revival of original Slovenian animated filmmaking and revives the noble tradition of puppet animation, with which Slovenian animation also began. The artist inspires this tradition in her major works, which also testify to her rapid development and technical mastery, with a contemporary spirit full of irony, often with black humour as well as sensitivity to other avant-garde and artistic traditions. With her latest festival hits – Nighthawk and Steakhouse – she masterfully moves from puppet animation to the techniques of multiplan collage animation.
—Igor Prassel

Screening of animated films will be followed by a conversation with Špela Čadež, moderated by Igor Prassel (in Slovenian).