Presentation of the publications Aksioma

Domen Ograjenšek & Maks Valenčič
17. 04. 2024 @ 19:00
Adults, Students, Seniors
Presentation of the publications Aksioma

At the event, we will present the new book Restricting Flight for Surreptitious Assembly by Domen Ograjenšek and the latest essay from the series "PostScriptUM: The Art of Encoding" by Maks Valenčič. The program will be moderated by writer, poet, and critic Andrej Tomažin.

Restricting Flight for Surreptitious Assembly by Domen Ograjenšek is a surprising philosophical novella that draws on the life and work of Jožef Peter Alkantara Mislej, a mostly forgotten figure of Slovenian philosophic tradition. The work turns to the scenes of a quiet disintegration of his strangely ambitious system, as well as to the materiality of thought, which might stem out of that very disintegration. It intertwines and untwines the strands of diagrammatism, mysticism and the image destined to be reduced to a mark, taking us into the midst of conspiratorial meetings in 18th-century Vienna and its contemporary outskirts to direct us towards a vectorial ascent into the unknown. 

In his lecture, Maks Valenčič will deal with artistic gesture, that is, analyse the artistic predisposition in the anthropological sense. What is an artistic gesture and what are its implications in the sociological and political sense? How does it determine the horizon of artistic endeavour and what are the consequences of this fact? The starting point of the lecture will be Joscha Bach’s claim that “artists are people who fall in love with the loss function”, which is to say that the specificity of artists lies in them being interested in all possible ways of encoding. As it will turn out during the lecture, artists are characterised precisely by that fact, that is, a specific relation to encoding patterns, which also includes a speculative potential and relates the artistic gesture to various speculative discourses, for the alternative ability of reco(r)ding patterns leads to the ability of a generative world building. 

The book Restricting Flight for Surreptitious Assembly will be available at a discounted price during the event. You can also preorder it online.

The essay The Art of Encoding, which can be downloaded for free (in Slovenian or English), will also be available in a printed edition.

Domen Ograjenšek is a writer, curator and avid observer of everything bright, airy and superficial, alongside its dark and twisted undercurrents. Their work spans art, theory and pop culture. 

Maks Valenčič is a media theorist and philosopher. He is a researcher at The New Centre for Research & Practice and an editor of Šum, a journal for contemporary art and theory-fiction, and Razpotja. 

Andrej Tomažin is a writer, poet, radio and television journalist and critic.

The event will be in Slovenian launguage.


Free entry, registration required.

Authors: Domen Ograjenšek, Maks Valenčič
Programme moderator: Andrej Tomažin
Production: Aksioma – Institute for Contemporary Art, 2024

Supported by: The Ministry of Culture RS and The Municipality of Ljubljana