The Library Of Fallen Tears

Guided tour with Saša Spačal
18. 1. 2024 @ 17:00
Guided tour
Adults, Students, Seniors
Parterre Gallery
The Library Of Fallen Tears

Saša Spačal, the author of The Library of Fallen Tears, will take us on a guided tour through the exhibition. The tour will be led in Slovenian.

Saša Spačal’s artistic practice focuses on exploring the biochemical circulation of matter on the planet, especially in the context of the microorganisms that share our bodies. In The Library of Fallen Tears exhibition, Spačal continues her exploration of human corporality relative to the environment and the interspecific characteristics of all living beings. By doing so, Spačal aims to view the human body – which is composed of almost two-thirds water – as a body of water and thus part of the hydrological cycles of water: never still or isolated but in a process of constant rearrangement and readjustment. As a result, the artist revives the concept of the hypersea, with the central idea that all organisms on the Earth’s surface are connected in a network of “sea on land”. We are all, then, “bags of water” who, by crossing over to land, have taken the sea with us, and water is the element that interconnects all bodies, making them interdependent.i


Free entrance.

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