Thiago Granato

27. 11. 2023 @ 19:00
Adults, Students, Seniors
Thiago Granato

The second solo of the Choreoversations trilogy is a hypnotic tuner of the spectator’s sensory membranes, which are not conditioned by optics. Since its première in 2016, it has travelled around the world and has been presented by the world’s most prestigious art venues. One of the iconic solos of the past decade.

Solo Trança by dancer, choreographer and pedagogue Thiago Granato is a distinctive achievement of the twenty-first century, using material, bodily elements in a way that would have been impossible to imagine on stage in the previous century. Despite the fact that the bodily practices from which it emerged began to be established in the 1960s, their possible choreographic rhetorics are a very recent product. They are related to the changes in contemporary dance knowledges belonging to dance practices and their publics. Communication channels, which require a certain public "literacy" of the audience, the ability to perceive, are a specific temporal cultural, historical category, which the author of the solo names with the common title of his trilogy: Choreoversations. Physical and kinetic conversations between dance and its public. 

Trança is an invitation to a tactile excursion where sound and movement intertwine on vertiginous surfaces and temporalities. Through a choreography of hands, Thiago Granato accelerates transformation processes where different forces are translated into signs, promoting an investigation on the body’s power to create contexts that shape new ways of life. The solo by Granato addresses the very conditions of corporeal thinking that are, according to the curators of CoFestival, fundamentally political in the field of contemporary dance: registers of bodily, material sensibility that extend beyond the exclusive functionalism of our corporeal everyday and, by crossing the boundaries of immunisations, produce the possibilities of (deliberate) sensibility that is the foundation of every human Community.

The Trança dance performance is part of CoFestival, the international festival of contemporary dance.


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Concept, direction, choreography, performance: Thiago Granato; Invited choreographers: Cristian Duarte, João Saldanha; Direction assistance: Sandro Amaral; Original track, sound design: Márcio Vermelho; Lighting design: André Boll; Lighting technician: Jonathan Winbo; Costume adviser: Paula Ströher; Image: David Kiers (photo), Otávio Santiago (design); Photography: Haroldo Saboia; Production: Expressão Produção, Thiago Granato, Sandro Amaral; Organisation: Kino Šiška, NDA