Manuel Rodríguez

Body on Paper
26. 9. 2023 @ 19:00
Adults, Students, Seniors
Basement space
Manuel Rodríguez

Body on paper is a multidisciplinary project consisting of three parts: a photography book, an installation for exhibition spaces and a solo on stage / performance. The latter is presented by the artist at Cukrarna.

The body, in relation to space, is understood as a dynamic linking interface, as an interwoven surface in which intersecting multiplicities converge and cross each other. At the same time it allows us to visualize space as a network of relations. Therefore, Body on paper reveals the body-space relationship as a sensitive topology that is given as experience, pointing to that place in between where the body, with its multiple extensions, manifests itself as a continuum with the world.

Manuel Rodríguez develops his work through different artistic disciplines and formats that revolve around dance and visual arts. This allows his work to emerge through different practices and dynamics, where special attention is paid to the creative process. His interest and reflection on the performative act itself lead him to a continuous exercise of reinvention of the body and space. His practice invites contemplation and proposes a catharsis in the gaze as an essential tool for the true and deep understanding of things. The image comes to be conceived and perceived as in a photograph taken through "overexposure."

Throughout his professional career Rodríguez has collaborated with different companies and choreographers such as James Thierreé / Compagnie Du Hanneton, Carmen Werner / Provisional Danza, Sharon Fridman, Emmanuel Eggermond and Marcos Morau / La Veronal. He has obtained support from different institutions and platforms such as the Instituto Cervantes and Ramon Llull, Aerowaves, Fundación Cataluña la Pedrera, Graner, AECID, Centro Danza Canal, MACBA, Ayuntamiento de Barcelona, Lavanderia a Torino and Kyoto Art Center of Japan.


8 €


Creation and performance: Manuel Rodríguez; Installation and set design: Manuel Rodríguez; Costume design: Tíscar Espadas; Music and external vision: Pablo Esbert Lilienfeld; Light design: Manuel Rodriguez; Graphic design/Photobook: Sara Jassim; Photography/Photobook: Manuel Rodríguez; Support: AC/E Spanish Cultural Action, Graner Center for the Creation of Dance and Live Arts, Canal Dance Center, Kyoto Art Center, Lavanderia a Vapore di Torino