Prešeren Day in Cukrarna

Programm for Slovenian Cultural Holiday
08. 2. 2024
Basement space, Upstairs Galleries, Parterre Gallery, Hall, Mezzanine, Classroom, Reading Room
Prešeren Day in Cukrarna

Join us at Cukrarna for the Slovenian Cultural Holiday!

We have prepared a diverse program for you, where we will explore the hidden corners of Cukrarna together, nurture our creative spirit, and enjoy a special musical experience.


Free entry.


Na Prešernov dan je v Cukrarni vsem obiskovalcem omogočen brezplačen vstop na razstave.

V kletnem galerijskem prostoru je na ogled razstava grško-britanskega umetnika Mikhaila Karikisa z naslovom Skupnosti, glasovi, ekologije. V izbranih video delih umetnik opazuje odnose med ljudmi in okoljem skozi posledice deindustrializacije družbe ter z dediščino nekoč pomembnih industrijskih centrov.

Prešeren Day in Cukrarna
Prešeren Day in Cukrarna


You will master the creation of images from discarded, natural, recycled, and found objects, breathing new life into them under the mentorship of the artist Andrej Štular and puppet animator Petra Stare. The workshop is part of the program to Andrej Štular's exhibition as part of the semi-temporary exhibition at Cukrarna, which is a unique tribute to the great literary creators of this literary period.

We warmly recommend visiting the exhibition, as it may provide you with additional creative inspiration!

Age group: This workshop is intended for all generations. Children under 7 years of age will require the presence of parents.

10:00 AM – 1:00 PM
2:00 PM – 5:00 PM

There are 40 spots available for the workshop. You can join the workshop at any time during its duration and stay as long as you desire to create.

Guided tours

Discover the history and transformation of Cukrarna, one of Slovenia's most iconic historical landmarks. The staff at Cukrarna will take you through its nearly 200-year history; from once being the largest industrial facility in the entire Austro-Hungarian Empire to becoming one of the largest contemporary art galleries in the country. During the tour, you will have a unique opportunity to uncover behind-the-scenes areas and explore spaces that are typically off-limits to regular visitors. 

Duration of the tour: 60 minutes

Reservations: Reservations for the tour are required and can be made by emailing (reservations accepted until February 7th at 2:00 PM)

Location: Upon arrival, please check in at the gallery reception, where you will be directed to the meeting point.

Guided tour schedule:
10:00 AM
10:30 AM
2:00 PM
2:30 PM

Prešeren Day in Cukrarna
Prešeren Day in Cukrarna
Foto: Archive Clockwork Voltage/Jan

A Musical Gathering of the Local Modular Scene

Experience a unique musical journey led by the Slovenian community united by enthusiasm for modular synthesizers. Clockwork Voltage is the manifestation of the local modular scene community. While abroad we witness a growing interest in creating with modular synthesizers, in recent years, a significant number of creators have also emerged on Slovenian ground, active in various fields of the arts. These gatherings represent the drive of the Slovenian community bonded by enthusiasm for modular synthesizers. In addition to established names, the world of modular synthesizers also brings together many unknowns who diligently tweak and practice oscillation in the comfort of their home studios in their everyday lives.

Happy Little Voltages is a compilation featuring 17 local producers, offering us insight into the current production with modular synthesizers on home soil.

Join us at Cukrarna in the afternoon for a listening marathon that will showcase the wide spectrum of expression that the local modular scene has to offer.


Za vse publikacije MGML, ki so starejše od 6 mesecev, prejmete 30% popust v naši galerijski trgovini. Popust velja samo 8. februarja 2024 ob nakupu v fizični galerijski trgovini Cukrarna.

Prešeren Day in Cukrarna