Ema Kugler

Echoes of Time
21. 4. 2022
Film screening
Adults, Students, Seniors
Ema Kugler

Ema Kugler is an artist who proves with her works that the Gesamtskunstwerk is the highest artistic expression. In her works, the tension between life and death is staged into an almost tangible presence.

We experience it sensually in the performances in huge empty, hypothermic industrial halls, factories, quarries or on film screens filled with images that defy any definition of genre. Experiencing her events leaves sensual impressions that appear to us as images long after we have remembered the place and time in which they took root in us – in a dormant dream or in open-eyed reverie. 

She excels in her original visual language that feeds on the subconscious, refers to the metaphors of human spiritual history and follows the highest aesthetic standards. Her moving images are a representation of the rituals of daily life, an interpretation of the great mythological stories and an engaged commentary on social anomalies.
—Jurij Krpan


The event is free of charge. Registration required. Apply at info@cukrarna.art.