Olja Grubić

Still Life
01. 4. 2022
Adults, Students, Seniors
Olja Grubić

In the performance Still Life (Ikebana), the artist exposes her vagina in the Courbetian manner (L'origine du monde), into which she slowly inserts one grass after another, one flower after another, so that one bouquet after another emerges, as if on an assembly line.

The action of mass-creating a "vaginal still life" alludes to the analogy between the exploitation of women and nature. Present-day thinking, structured around dualisms, attempts to justify the devaluation of women and nature and the power of men over them. With the concept of nature, the illusion of contradiction and separation between the biosphere and human civilisation has developed in the human psyche over the centuries. The admiration of nature from afar leads to a similar paradox as patriarchy does for women: it elevates them to the pedestal of sadistic admiration, while at the same time subjugating and destroying them.

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